I've learned a lot about the politics of my fellow American that my book of days would happily read without. We are a fickle lot, with dishonesty our practice, and hipocracy our creed. Dumb to the bone and mean at heart, we aren't happy unless we're at another man's throat. And through it all, oblivious enough to believe ourselves superior to the common dog.

They say all dogs go to heaven, but they say the path for man is hardly tread at all. I believe them on both counts.

Having observed both dog and man in their natural habitat, I can't help but come to the conclusion that one is a vicious animal who enjoys tearing it's victims to shreds, and the other is the dog.

A dog is a loving Buddhist which spends it's day lounging in God's golden sunshine and exploring Mother Nature's wonders. He's generally too busy loving his place in life to pass judgement on anyone other than the cat, which was put on this earth for the sole purpose of being judged, juried, and executionered by the dog. Man's best friend, the dog, yet through the ages we still think of ourselves as the master. But no one who thinks themselves the master is ever really the master, it's the ones who are able to go about their business with someone else claiming the title who are really superior.

Thank goodness he's the content sort, happy to live in his paradise and not try to force it on us, or else it would mean the end of both our species on earth.

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