Gotta find this song, this group, this girl

I was surfing the site for the Kitty-Yo label and found that they have a page for all the free mp3s available on their site. The very first song, "Alaska.de - bahndamm" caught my attention. It's only a minute long so I'm hoping this is just a short sample but unfortunately it sounds like it ends too cleanly to be that. Dammit.

There is no other information at Kitty-Yo, even by doing searches. However, a little searching on google reveals that it appears on the soundtrack to the movie Alaska.de and is performed by the group Mosermeyerd├Âring with the vocals by Jovanka von Willsdorf who has a damn sweet voice. Damn sweet indeed. This song should be five minutes, ten minutes long, thirty minutes long. Jovanka von Willsdorf should move in with me and sing it over and over. If the other songs are any good, I may buy the two-disk album, available at amazon.com (with 5 samples).

If I heard them correctly, here are the lyrics, all ten seconds worth.

"Watchin' the daybreak.

One of us had tears,
I forget who I'm tryin' to forget.
How much I've missed you,
When we've touched."

Jovanka von Willsdorf is a member of the Quarks duo with Niels Lorenz. They have a couple of samples in .wma format, which sucks for a Linux user.

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