In lieu of dubya's Iraq speech

I would rather have heard a speech on our war against Al-qaeda. We're pumping warm bodies and deficit dollars into Iraq like there's no tomorrow but you don't hear much about those Al-qaeda bastards anymore. I can still remember when they were the enemy, the greatest threat to the nation in our age. People who wanted to actually kill us. Dead. Here. In America!

Now the enemy is shadowy people with ambiguous origins and obscure allegiances who want to gain power by exploiting our incoherent foreign policy and embarrassing our diplomats. Oh, we can't have that, not in an election year.

The American form of democracy is a swell idea but when faced with a clear threat it has focused on spreading itself rather than hunkering down for the fight. Perhaps it is akin to some form of self aware virus which replicates itself when it glimpses it's imminent demise. Forget about the immidiate threat and procreate like there's no tomorrow, because maybe there isn't. Iraq, the lifeboat?

And if there is anyone out there who would like to procreate like there's no tomorrow, let this post be your inspiration, for there is not a politician in DC who knows what this country is doing and not one alive who can be trusted to do anything more than worry about their own crooked career.

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