Shrek 2

I can't believe I'm blogging a children's movie.

I went to the movies tonight with Crystal and the only thing playing by the time we got there was Shrek 2. I must have been living under a rock because I didn't know there was a Shrek 2 until then but I thought the first Shrek was fairly amusing so we gave it a go. At first we thought it was a mistake. The theater was full of kids, the previews were for movies that I would have thought stupid when I was 12 and the movie itself started out slow with just a few chuckles and even a couple of songs. Chrystal turned to me and said, "Boy, you sure know how to pick a movie."

And then Antonio Banderas' character entered the movie. Though he is in the movie from there until the end, his character doesn't really do or say a whole lot, but when he does, it's pretty funny and there was twice that both of us simply could not stop laughing. Long after the kids in the theater has quieted down we were still rolling in our seats gasping for air.

Antonio plays Puss In Boots, a swashbuckling cat who is afraid of no one. A stone cold warrior with eyes that cut right through his enemy as he tells them to prepare to die.

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And if that doesn't work he gets down and dirty to persuade his enemy to accept defeat.

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His character really made the movie. Maybe it was just the mood or something but tonight was the first time I remember ever leaving a movie theater still laughing. Chrystal and myself both agreed that it is worth seeing just for that character.

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