WW II Monument

The WW II Monument has all the feel and allure of an amusement park. You'd expect to see one of those big "you are here" maps with an arrow pointing to Memorial Plaza. Another map of Memorial Plaza would show all the attractions, Field of Stars, Freedom Wall, Atlantic Arch, Atlantic Pavilion, Baldacchino sculpture, Pacific Arch. You expect to see River Rampage, restrooms, gift shops and live shows in there somewhere too.

There are pillars for all the states. Hawaii was the only "state" to suffer a real attack during the war, but they weren't a state at the time, and neither was Alaska. Are they honored with a pillar? How do you decide on something like that?

During the war my grandfather was a Seabee, an engineer in the Navy, and took part in building airstrips and taking care of entrenched Japanese in the island hopping campaigns of the Pacific. I suppose the Pacific Arch is his memorial, but what of the thousands who had odd jobs that don't fit under any of the specific sections?

It would have been better to have one big beautiful statue to honor all the veterans instead of different sections that take all day to see. By subdividing it into all these little sections one gets the feeling that some are worth memoralizing more than others.

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