The Chronicles of Riddick

I survived the new Vin Diesel flick, The Chronicles of Riddick and, though it did suck, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I had it figured for one of those senseless action flicks where the hero is bigger than life, gets mixed up with the girl/love interest, makes a dumb joke after he kills 600 bad guys and klls the head bad guy in a dramatic ending.

Actually, it was all that, but it was still mildly entertaining.

This is my first Vin Diesel movie and I have to say he's pretty good. Vin Diesel is the next generation badass, and he's even more likeable than the old guys like Arnold and Stallone. He isn't a talkative smartass kind of hero and doesn't try to be funny, the humor is merely a side effect of the circumstances.

Unfortunately, instead of beautiful action sequences, we got close-up editing where everything takes place in a blur. There are a couple of nicely shot action scenes but they were only the quick ones where he kills an anonymous guy or two in about three seconds. The big important fights that take five minutes are shot in a blur that do little more than hurt your eyes.

I could have tolerated a no-brainer action flick and I could have enjoyed a good story, but this movie tries to do both and ends up doing neither very well.

Don't drag yourself across the desert by your eyelids to see this B movie, but if given the chance to see or not to see, flip a coin and if the coin decides you should see it, go ahead.

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