Gentoo is for ricers

I use Gentoo, and though this this seems to be in defense of either Debian or binary packages (neither of which I use), I still love it's collection of stupid Gentoo quotes.

When I first installed Gentoo I was a little confused by the portage system. I had always downloaded tgz's and compiled from source and with the advent of portage it became something akin to having an assistant who speaks Esperanto help you do the exact same thing you've been doing for a long time on your own. I guess it's nice and all but after a year of using Gentoo I still prefer to do it all myself and never use portage.

I subscribed to a couple of the Gentoo mailing lists but was flooded with other people's problems and figured I'd have more luck figuring it all out on my own, which I did. Gentoo is nice and it really is fast, but only because it gets rid of a lot of bloat. It's a non-rpm based distro and I can't tell any difference between it and, say, Slackware.

This sums it up well:
"The Gentoo install system taught me more about *NIX in the course of a few days than three years of other distros did. I fell in love instantly. It didn't hurt that I could FINALLY build binaries tuned for my CPU, while other distros were much more 'generic'."
People come from crappy RPM based distros like Mandrake or Red Hat where they never figured out how to simply type "./configure" or "make" and think Gentoo's portage system is superior to compiling it yourself when it's nothing but a more complicated way of doing exactly that.

There are upsides to Gentoo. It supposedly keeps track of all your packages and updates them, finds all the dependancies and everything, but I was beyond those troubles a long time ago, and I am no 'nix guru.

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