I want to be a conservative

I believe in smaller government, states rights, less taxes and spending, less waste, less foreign entanglements (not strict isolationism, but less complicated alliances), a strong military (not weakened by errant missions), the right to bear arms, free markets (not government controlled markets), personal responsibility (for people in the government too), less nonsensical laws and regulations, honesty and dignity in the White House.

I want to be left alone.

I want to opt out of programs that I think are foolish, I want to control my own retirement and health insurance. I want to be able to trust the government to do what is right, to do it right, and to do it smartly and without waste.

I consider this "little-c conservatism" which is different from "Big-C conservatism" in that the former is a philosophy, the latter a political agenda which includes certain views that I am not inclined to vote for, generally of the religious nature. I believe in freedom of religion, but the Big-C's believe in government-subsidized forced religion, and that is contradictory to everything I just said.

None of my little-c conservative beliefs relate to any candidate or party that I know of. Certainly not to the one in power that calls itself conservative.

I tried searching for conservative beliefs and issues and almost all the websites deal with the British Conservative Party, there are none espousing the beliefs of American conservatism.

I found a lot of anti-liberal sites that looked a lot like Karl Rove's mailing list with stories like "Kerry unfit to be president" "Leftists attack the patriot act, want to weaken the US" "Liberals want the troops to die". Just the most godawful drivel ever to come from the pen of mankind. None of it honest in any sane sense of the word, but all of it popular in every insane sense of popularity.

The only conslusion is that conservatives don't believe in anything and, perhaps, don't even exist at all. Only republicans are left, and they are not what I am looking for. They are only another flavor of liberals who want to use the government to force you to bow down to their agenda.

Maybe there are no liberals either. Perhaps there is only one belief system in play today, and that is across the board statism where the government is used to tell you how to live, with the only difference in flavor being whichever side fools you into believing their lies.

Government is used like paint by both sides. They pour it all over problems, hiding them for a bit but never solving them, and when the problems start to show through they're even worse than before because they've just gotten more rotten while no one was looking.

I think it should be used like WD-40. Just gently apply a drop to the precise location the gears are grinding and you have a well oiled society again.

For a while I started to believe in libretarianism, and I still do, but have since come to realize that if it ever gains momentum, it will be co-opted from the start and taken into the hellish fold of American 21st century politics, where plundered and raped, it will emerge as another sullen wench of the watered down American political psyche, with nothing but dollars on the mind, lies on the tongue, greed on the heart, and whores behind the wheel.

In other words, it will become a full fledged political party.

So I don't have a party and will not vote for one. I just can't lend my name to any of these crooked whores I see on the political scene today. But at least I'm not bitter, right?

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