Keep the Apple rolling

Fiona Apple's new song Extraordinary Machine is here.

Please download and listen to this song, it is wonderful, but don't get your hopes up about hearing her new album, lemme tell you why.

A few days ago I followed a link to popwherry, Aaron Wherry's MP3 blog and read his post about Fiona. According to him, Sony has decided not to release her new album so someone leaked the title track on the internet and Aaron blogged it, put the song up for download, and even put up the lyrics.

When he had problems with the download links he asked for help mirroring the track and Citizen Keith was first to volunteer. I have a small 10 Meg website that I'm not using so I decided to mirror it as well and Wherry was kind enough to give links to the file as well as to this blog. So that is the blog story behind it.

It really is a good song so download it for yourself to enjoy. And if a lot of people download it maybe Sony will hear about it and decide to release her album. So do it for Fiona.

And she's cute so maybe she will ask me out or something, so do it for me too.

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