Kerry or Bush?

It's like a girl getting to choose her rapist. Sure you get the honor of picking, but that doesn't change what's coming afterward.

I have to give kerry the slightest hint of the benefit of the doubt because at least he hasn't won and filled a cabinet with crooks yet. The current administration is filled with people that are as crooked as michael jackson's nose, only they don't even have the decency to try and hide it like the good king of pop.

It's possible - not very likely but possible - that if kerry wins he could pick a person or two with an inkling of integrity, based on the assumption that there are any out there in the body politic.

And so, on that basis we may retain some hope for this election. Out with 100 crooks, in with 100 unknowns. Statistically we should be better off taking that chance. We flipped all tails with this administration, a few heads are bound to come up soon if we keep flipping.

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