New Freedom

There is a story making the rounds at the dreaded WorldNetDaily titled "Bush to screen population for mental illness" in which, basically, Bush wants people to have access to better mental health screening and treatment.

The problem is that the drug companies have more or less bought off the government these days and it's probably going to cause more of a mess than anything.

Ho-hum. Just another day in America.

What struck me about it was the name of the commission that came up with the idea in the first place. The "President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health".

New Freedom? The New Freedom Commission? Wha...?

"New Freedom" is not an original term and was used by the progressive Woodrow Wilson, a liberals liberal, in his policies to use government to "level the playing field". The end result supposedly being that once it was leveled the government could ease off and let everyone prosper without intrusion.

Conservatives, which have the collective IQ of a shoelace these days remember him like they remember everybody except Reagan, Limbaugh and Bush; as a socialist, leftist, anit-business liberal who had a hand in laying the groundwork for the creation of the welfare state.

Oddly, many intelligent and thoughtful people (i.e. not conservatives) have equated Bush's foreign policy with Wilson's not to mention many other facets of the Bush presidency and almost everyone agrees Wilson was a liberals liberal.

But back to the "New Freedom Commission." That must be a catch phrase like freedom fries. Probably signed into law by a freedom pen on freedom paper at the freedom desk by a sheltered elite president who throws the word around like it's going out of style but hasn't even a fuzzy clue what it means.

Conservatives should hate Bush. He is the epitome of everything they say they are against but once again he has subtlely co-opted freedom as reliance on the government and I guarantee conservatives will think it's the greatest idea since sliced bread. Wilson would be proud.

I am ashamed. I don't care about Wilson, New Freedom, or conservatives, but if they want to sell out they should just do it openly. The outright intellectual dishonesty involved in the process has been a terrible thing to watch these past couple of years.

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