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This photo of Dubya was recently taken in Ireland. There's nothing really significant about it other than everyone's reaction. Apparently people were rather excited to have photogaphed the president in such a candid moment.

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According to the BBC:

The feeding frenzy did not last long. Within minutes, broadcasters were being ordered not to use the pictures, even though they were the most original images of the day.

A hastily written memo was delivered to all broadcasters, including the BBC.

"These pictures are the property of the Irish presidency and must not be used for transmission by any service," it said.

Just in case anyone was thinking of ignoring the instruction, it was written in bold, with capital letters and underlined.

It was too late for some broadcasters, who had excitedly rushed to air with the pictures of the blushing Mr Bush.

The authorities were not amused, and apparently made their feelings known to the cameraman involved.

"He'll probably be sent to Guantanamo Bay now," joked a fellow cameraman.

Since Villa Straylight is not a broadcaster, we are taking the chance.

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