What Bush should say

Paul M. Johnson Jr, the American Lockheed employee who was taken hostage by terrorists was beheaded. I haven't listened to Bush's response and don't want to because the Bush is a man who talks a lot but never says anything, but here is a quick look at what he should say:

"These terrorists do things like this to shock us, but I am not shocked. I wish I could say we will be able to track down the people responsible but it may not be possible. However, I will not let them win. I will not let them shock me. I will not let them shock America. I will not let America be frightened into lashing out blindly."

etc. You can see where it goes from there.

There are at least two things Bush just doesn't understand when talking about terrorism.

1) America has been scared shitless for almost three years and every time he talks about how terrible the terrorists are, they have won. It leads to people saying "I think we outta just nuke the whole damn place!", it leads to passioned hate instead of the solemn determination we need, it leads to Abu Ghraib.

2) He should say "I" every now and then in place of "America". The only time he does use "I" is when he's patting himself on the back for pushing through a few more billion dollars to some government program. I suppose his handlers do this so he doesn't have to take any responsibility for anything and to give the illusion that he speaks for everyone but he should be taking a personal stand as an example. That is what leaders do. They say "I'm not taking this beheading shit!" and people get behind them because they want to see a good fight. Bush says something like "America will show freedom to the people in the earth and over the sea and on the Iraqis" and people are left scratching their head asking what the fuck he is talking about.

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