The wonderful .22

A friend and I are taking our CCW class next month so we've been doing a lot of target practice lately. I shot someone else's .22 pistol yesterday, and what fun that was.

I assumed the stance, took careful aim, squeezed the trigger... and nothing happened. Looking closer I found there was indeed a small hole in the center of the bull's eye. Apparently with the other shooting going on I hadn't heard the .22 go off, and there was no kick ("force feedback" for you geeks) to tell me what was happening.

I quickly unloaded the remaining 9 shots and retrieved the target. Ten bulls-eyes at 15 yards. What fun. I decided to dust off my old .22 rifle and head down to the range to make some holey paper today.

Here are the results at 25 yards:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I'm not bragging, .22s are just good and easy guns to shoot. I'm sure not going to take photos of my .45 targets. They always have a lot of holes in the center, but there's always a few sprinkled around the sides too.

I didn't keep count but the gun has a 5 round magazine and from what I can tell that must have been about 45 or 50 shots. Some were even rapid fire, as rapid as you can fire with a bolt action anyway. Lee Harvey Oswald's got nothin' on me!

I wanted to post the history of the .22 cartridge but it looks like a fairly confusing subject. But apparently, when centerfire cartridges were invented, all the other rimfires died out except the .22.

Some pellet guns have a higher velocity than some .22s, though with less payload, and besides target practice the .22 isn't good for much. But they are such fun guns to shoot that even the most liberal anti-gun person would be hard pressed not to enjoy plinking away with a good .22.

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