The 411 on Farenheit 9-11

I have just returned from seeing Michael Moore's Farenheit 9-11.

Entertaining? Yes the first half which covers the election in 2000 to the Iraq war is very entertaining, after that it's simply depressing.

Contraversial? I didn't think so, as everything in this film has been public for a long time.

Biased? Of course, but no more so than anything you or I say on a daily basis. It actually wasn't as biased as I thought it would be. I was expecting two hours of "Bush bashing" where they take the most understandable circumstances and twist them to attack bush, but instead found two hours of pseudo-documentary which simply showed clips of Bush, and that is enough to make him look bad. I walked away feeling more like I watched a movie made by someone with an opinion than someone with a mission.

Factual? I believe it was. I'm not going to get the script and fact check it, but I am very familiar with almost all of the things mentioned in the movie and I am a very skeptical person and I saw nothing that rang untrue. There were three or four times when something is mentioned in the movie which was news in the past few months, but which never panned out. One example was Bush's plan to cut veteran's benefits. I think he changed his mind on that one, but it is still mentioned in the movie (and I could be wrong). Fact for fact, I think you can take this movie to the bank.

Did it change my mind on anything? Not really. I don't like Bush but there was nothing that really reinforced my opinion in that though there were things that piqued my interest, such as James R Bath, the bin laden representative who just happened to bankroll Bush's first oil company. I had heard it before, but it re-interested me a little.

I also had opinions on a couple of things that, once I saw video of how they happened, understood them better and decided I was wrong to criticize Bush for them.

I'm not going to endorse the movie, I'm just going to say it's worth seeing. I think Bush supporters better have some answers for this movie as it is pretty damning. If they're to be taken seriously in their condemnation of the film they need to have a solid response to the information contained therein instead of the dismissals they've been peddling.

I have said before that we are only caught in the middle in this war on terror. It is not a war between Americans and terrorists, it is a war between the US government and terrorists. Either side will use us in any way they see fit. Both will spend our lives for their gain, we can only hope against their better judgement that the government won't spend them cheaply. But only one of the two are any threat to our freedom and it isn't Osama, it's the United States government.

I think I enjoyed this film because it had the same viewpoint. The downside is that Moore probably thinks a democrat like Kerry would be any different. If he'd realize the system itself was the breeder of the problems and the politicians simply the whores who keep it going he'd be a lot more interesting. Oh well, at least he's half right.

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