Addendum to Army study on Iraq

Could the Army have had a good reason for the silly restrictions of the Iraq report? Apparently they were afraid that some of the images may be copyrighted. I can attest to government reports being sold on the internet. I spent $5 on a CD of some subject I was interested in once and it turned out to contain a single PDF file of an Army Corps of Engineers manual on the subject. I could have gotten it for free on the internet.

From today's secrecy news...

In the Secrecy New story yesterday about the online version of the
Army's "On Point" study of the Iraq war that cannot be normally
printed, copied or saved, we were remiss not to have included an
Army viewpoint or explanation regarding the unusual formatting of
the document. Here it is.

The Army concern was that the document contained non-governmental
materials including graphics and photos which might be
copyrighted, said Dan French, a spokesman for the Center for Army
Lessons Learned said.

"We have had some unscrupulous individuals who are taking our
products and selling them on CD, even on Amazon.com," he noted.

If that were to happen with the "On Point" report, the spokesman
said, this might entail a violation of the original copyright.
Once the appropriate permissions are obtained, he said, the
document would be made available without the current
restrictions, perhaps by the end of the month.

Thanks to several Secrecy News readers, more adept than I, who
proposed a variety of ways that the existing Army format
restrictions could be overcome without much difficulty.

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