bush is a power hungry hypocrite

Pandagon comments on the Bush administration's recently successful effort of blocking the extension of middle-class tax cuts.

Seems odd doesn't it? I thought Bush was the tax cut king, didn't you? The reason it was shot down by the White House is because democrats supported it and they didn't want to allow democrats to be able to say they had voted to extend tax cuts.

Answer me this, who do you think bush is looking out for? Us or himself?

Power, it seems, is the main concern of this administration and we are used as nothing but pawns to gain and retain it. Bush and his ilk are whores of the highest caliber, selling out not only the public and their party, but themselves as well. And for what? Simply so democrats can't say they supported something bush has said he wanted.

And yet, I guarantee bush will still be harping about democrats being against tax cuts for the next few months. This man has no shame and his supporters no conscious. Politicians in general are a crass, immoral pathetic breed and it says a lot that this fool is the top politician in the land.

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