Inmates escape for a beer run

My brother-in-law lived in Rogersville for some length of time (he's originally from Texas, but his parents still live there) and by all accounts this is probably the most exciting thing that has happened in that little town in decades.

Poor fools, I can see charging them with having alcohol but not with escape. They were honest enough to come back. Charge them with vandalism for cutting the fence but escape tacks on a hefty penalty that isn't warranted for them sneaking around and making life a little more comfortable while in jail.

From KnoxNews
Six-pack run nets inmates new charges
ROGERSVILLE, Tenn. - The party's over for four inmates accused of going on a beer run after the jail's doors were accidentally left unlocked.

The men were charged Monday with escape and bringing alcohol into a jail.

The breakout occurred Thursday night after cellblock doors at the Hawkins County Jail were left unlocked and a faulty control panel failed to alert jailers, Sheriff Warren Rimer said.

Two of the inmates walked out through a fire exit, leaving the door propped open with a Bible, and made a hole in the exercise yard fence. They walked to a market, bought some beer and returned to the jail to share it with other prisoners. When the booze ran out, the other two inmates made another beer run to a different store.

The store visits did not raise alarm because the inmates were wearing street clothes borrowed from other prisoners. The crowded jail does not have enough orange jumpsuits to go around.

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