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The remaining liberty of the world was to be destroyed in the place where it stood. ~ Pharsalia
A nice post over at LewRockwell.com on the celebration of the birthday of the most free nation in the world. The standard of freedom. The shining example of independence. So free that the terrorists hate us, in fact.
Independence Day
Posted by Daniel McAdams at 09:58 PM

Massed on the hill behind the Pentagon, we were.

A community. Hundreds of us.

Waiting for the fireworks show.

A monsoon rain hit earlier.

Several were entertaining we anticipating neighbors with small fireworks on the sidewalk. Safely done.

The cops came and shut them down.

The fun was over.

Independence Day.

I felt the same way this weekend. Our interstate roads around here are perpetually under construction and the speed limit drops from 65-70 to 45 in these construction zones and fines are tripled. Being a holiday, the police are out in force "keeping everyone safe" (i.e. filling the coffers by issuing fines). I've seen more people pulled over by the police this weekend than ever before.

We have a new seat belt law that took effect July 1 that gives the police the right to pull you over and issue you a ticket for not wearing a seat belt. It also prescribes strict laws on how children are to be buckled up and a law that makes it possible for you to receive a ticket for not moving over to the left lane if police have someone pulled over on the right shoulder.

Or so I've heard anyway, they don't actually tell us about these things. They just pass laws and expect us to check up and see if we're in compliance I guess.

How many laws are there that I don't know about? One thought kept running through my head all weekend; "Am I in compliance with everything required of me?" I see a cop and mentally do a rundown;
Seat belt - check.
Proof of insurance - check.
Vehicle registration - check.
Driver's license - check.
Speed - oh shit is this a construction zone? is the limit 70 or 40?

Shit I have an open cup. It's only a soft drink but I've had several friends pulled over for having a "suspicious" open cup. Better keep that out of sight.

Crap, I'm smoking a cigarette. I had a friend pulled over for lighting a cigarette. The cop said it was suspicious to light a cigarette after you notice a cop nearby. Better keep that out of sight too. But what if they see smoke? They'll think I'm trying to hide a joint. Shit, gotta stop smoking.

Think happy thoughts. You love cops. You love paying taxes. Shit, they'll never believe it since I don't have one of those cheap American flags that attach to your window or one of those "freedom will be defended" bumper stickers. It's off to Gitmo for me.
Land of the free
Is any man free except the one who can pass his life as he pleases? Persius

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