Look on if you believe

Today's sad song is Mazzy Star's Bells Ring.

I did not realize until now that Mazzy Star is actually a 6 member band. As their website says David Roback and Hope Sandoval are the front figures of Mazzy Star and Keith Mitchell, William Cooper, Jill Emery and Suki Ewers are very much anonymous to the public.

Hope Sandoval has a voice that is as beautiful as she is.

Buy Mazzy Star albums from their website

Hope Sandoval also has a website where she mentions the other various work she has done with many other bands, and has those albums and singles available for purchase there as well.

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Mazzy Star's Bells Ring.mp3.

Bells ring into the night
Sounds like a mistress on a rainy night
Hold your throw down together
And see the light that goes away
Leave my heart down by the water
He spins inside my soul
It isn't true but you follow
Just hold me down by the water
They say you look like a believer
Look up to see the weakness in the sky
Nobody's out to buy your story
Nobody wants to know your reason why
Hold your hands out towards the water
In front of me to know I'm with you
Don't put it all into your hero
Look on if you believe
Look on if you believe
Look on if you believe
Don't want to say that I'm through with it
Just want to be , Right by your side,
Right by your side

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