Why politics is hopeless

Everywhere I turn, in the newspaper, online, on TV, everyone is making a big fuss about the Senate Intelligence Committee's finding that perhaps Iraq did indeed seek uranium from Niger.

I'm not one of those people who say bush lied on this issue, per se. He lied on lots of things but on this one he has enough technicalities to fall back on to make the accusation hard to stick. Personally, I don't care much for accusing the dolt of anything anyway, I'm more interested in studying the political discourse that's going on these days.

Anywho... in those technicalities that neocons were so swift to bring to bush's defense also lies a painful truth for them now that they are suddenly trying to say bush was right on the uranium/Niger story all along. It is the fact that the information bush cited was based on pathetically forged documents. They weren't just forged, they were laughable, and that is what bush was talking about. In their efforts to pass the blame off to the Brits they went to great lengths to firmly prove that those forgeries are what he was talking about.

Logically, it is the same as if I were to claim to have proof of bigfoot but when I show it to people it turns out to be a photo of me sitting at the computer in a gorilla mask and later on when the real bigfoot is found claiming to have been right all along.

It's stupid, it's illogical, and it's what passes for political discourse these days. There is no concern for intelligent and logical argument, only for whos lies are heard and repeated the most.

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