Substation fire poses blackout threat in Phoenix

LOS ANGELES, July 6 (Reuters) - Phoenix faces the threat of rolling blackouts on Wednesday after a fire at a major power substation reduced the amount of electricity that could be moved into the city, a utility spokesman said.
I know it's not very kind to condemn an entire metropolis on the account of one person, but I just can't help being happy when bad things happen in Phoenix because I have one of those tear-your-heart-out-and-stomp-it-on-the-floor ex-girlfriends who lives there.

Not that I am vindictive or bitter, I just have to smile thinking about her spoiled, rich, 26 year old yet-to-have-a-job-in-her-life, ass sweltering in the heat. If anyone from phoenix reads this... sorry. You're in the line of fire. Collateral damage, ya know.

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