The devil's in the details

This gem, which Lew says was contributed by Joseph Stromberg, comes from the LewRockwell.com blog.
"Let us set about convincing the world that we are indeed 'a Power upon earth.' Let us rob Spain of Cuba, England of Canada, and Mexico of her remaining possessions, and this continent will be too small a theater upon which to enact the bloody drama of American progress! Like the prophet of the East, who carried the sword in one hand and the Koran in the other, American armies will be sent forth to proclaim freedom to the serf; but if he happens to love the land in which he was born, and exhibits some manly attachment to the institutions with which he is familiar, his own life's blood will saturate the soil, and his wife and children be driven forth as houseless wanderers, in proof of our tender consideration for the rights of humanity. Sir, this is a species of progress with which Satan himself might fall in love."

-- Senator Jeremiah Clemens of Alabama, February 7, 1853 (Congressional Globe, 32nd Congress, Second Session, p. 157), on proposals to seize Cuba.

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