Good Friday

Today's sad song is Good Friday by Cocorosie. Another beautiful song by two beautiful girls.

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Well, one beautiful girl and one with a mustache. I likes my wimmins sans mustachio, k-plz-thx.

I just ran across them at Epitonic, and they're deffinately a different breed, as you may well have noted.

Comprised of two sisters, Bianca and Sierra Cassady, Cocorosie delivers a, as Epitonic so aptly put it, "distinctive brand of ethereal folk futurism." Yeah I think that sums it up pretty well.

Although it is short on lyrics, this is really quite a beautiful song. They whisper their nostalgic memory of falling in love, over and over. Sad and nostalgic, dark and beautiful, narcotic and etheral. Just beautiful.

CocoRosie - Good Friday.mp3

I once fell in love with you
Just because the sky turned from gray into blue
It was a good friday
The streets were open and empty
No more passion play
On st. Nicholas avenue
I believe in st. Nicholas
It's a different type of santa clause

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