I was thinking today...

that all the new terror alerts seem a little scarier than normal. Like maybe they really have some good intel now. Then I sort of chuckled to myself thinking that in a couple of days we'd find out it was old information that the Bush administration was using to remind everyone how important it is to vote republican this year. Call me a cynic or whatever but that's precisely what happens every single time there's a new warning. These idiots warned us about easter eggs and beer coolers when there was no reason whatsoever to do so other than keep the level of fear up. Are they just stupid or are they manipulating our fears for political purposes? I tried to think the former and tried not to believe the latter.

This time seemed different. They acted like they really knew something serious was up this time. Then there's this on the Drudge Report:
Much of the information that led authorities to raise the terror alert at several large financial institutions in the NY and D.C. areas was 3 or 4 years old... NYT Tuesday Page One Splash To Claim: Intelligence and law enforcement officials 'had not yet found concrete evidence that a terror plot or preparatory surveillance operations were still under way'... WASH POST Page One: Alerts Stemmed from Pre-9/11 Acts /// 'There is nothing right now that we're hearing that is new,' said one senior law enforcement official who was briefed on the alert. 'Why did we go to this level?... I still don't know that'... POST: 'Most of the information was compiled prior to the Sept. 11 attacks and that there are serious doubts about the age of other, undated files'...
I'm usually skeptical of Drudge. He makes sensational headlines about the stupidest little things. They're always "breaking" or "developing" and a few hours later they're gone as if nothing ever happened because nothing did happen except Drudge's overactive imagination working overtime.

But Drudge does seem to have the inside line to what is going to be the hot stories in respectable newspapers and I don't doubt that this really is what these papers are going to print tomorrow.

So let's get to the facts. The alerts in question stem from the arrest of Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani July 25th in Pakistan and from emails contained on his computer. This was the guy that was arrested on Sunday but news of the arrest wasn't issued until just before John Kerry took the stage at the Democratic Convention several days later so they've already used the arrest for political purposes. Are they effectively shutting down parts of New York for the same reason?

Well, is it possible that the people who searched this guy's computer couldn't tell that the emails were years old? I mean, if you look at raw emails without an email client, they always have the date in them somewhere. The only way they wouldn't have the date is
if you copied the text and pasted it into a seperate text file. But if that was done, no one could tell the emails were years old either so it is starting to look like the administration is engaging a type of blatant fearmongering that is ill becoming of any person in public office.

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