Just gotta get this off my chest

I think Al Franken had it right years ago when he wrote a book called Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot. Now, I dunno about Franken, he's probably an idiot too. I very rarely listen to Rush but I've noticed something odd about his modus operandi.

It goes like this: He gets a caller who poses some sort of question then spends five minutes poking and probing around with the caller to get more information and maybe argue a little bit, but only a little bit. Then all of a sudden he shuts the caller off so they can't argue and goes into a tirade that generally has little to do with the question the caller posed in the first place. But it's always a long well spoken tirade, it's the only think anyone remembers of the argument, even if it's devoid of any intellectual merit and has nothing to do with the argument to begin with.

It's quite obvious that Rush's sole job with the caller is to gather information for whoever is in the background writing the tirade for him to read when he cuts the caller off.

There I said it. Rush Limbaugh is not arguing with liberals with half his brain tied behind his back. He is only the front man for a team of writers. Rush is a fat stupid hypocrite of a windbag, and I don't say it because I disagree with him but because, like Ann Coulter, he feeds off hate, and if people would stop believing he is a genius they would realize how he operates. The problem is that no one wants to use their brains long enough to see through idiots like these.

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