Keep being scared

The Bush administration is still beating the comatose horse on the terror warnings. Now they're saying they have some other guy in custody that coorborates the warnings although he doesn't specify targets or timing or anything else. Asuuming they didn't simply make this guy up, how that coorborates the recent information, I don't know.

The problem is not so much ith the information being old, it's the fact that it's not new to us. We knew it when it was fresh but never saw any reason to do anything until now. The information itself is quite alarming and I see no reason to complain about the warnings on their own, but no one said a word for four years until a couple of days after the 2004 Democratic Convention.

OK, maybe it had nothing to do with the Democratic Convention and maybe it had nothing to do with the stories that were going around over the past two weeks that said the Bush campaign was going to come out swinging in August, but if you put all the politics aside, it is clear that we knew this information for years and did nothing until now although there is no reason to believe terrorists were going to act on it, say, this week.

There is no reason to think they simply decided to abandon these plans, but there is no reason to think they're getting ready to follow through with them either. Basically we knew about this information all along and decided to tighten security for no reason.

Whether it is a political move or not, it proves that Homeland Security is lost and impotent. I'm sure we are making progress in the T.W.A.T., but the DHS is as useless as ... well, as useless as a government program.

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