Motown Answers

Today's sad song is Motown Answers by Arab Strap.

I've just been introduced to Arab Strap, which is sometimes regarded as one of the more depressing bands around, always singing about love gone wrong. They've apparently been making music since the mid-90s, but I live in the US and until this interweb thing and mp3 blogs and all those other fancy inventions came around I only had boring corporate radio to listen to.

Check out their website or buy one of their many albums from Amazon.

Arab Strap - Motown Answers.mp3

It takes much more than names I’m crying,
To convince me we’ve been trying.
And I don’t want it when you need it.
I’d write it down if you’d read it. I’m saying too much
- it loses power.
But sometimes I need it on the hour, every hour.
What do I have to do to get the message through?
There’s no discussion - it’s easy to end it.
No effort’s made to try to defend it.
I make my point if you shut up and let me.
You know I’m only leaving so you can come and get me.
I’ve heard everything you’ve said.
I’m tired and I just need my bed.

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