Precious Vapor

Today's sad song(s) aren't very sad at all. They're Precious and Vapor from the Neverland album by Jillian Ann.

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Jillian Ann - Precious.mp3

Jillian Ann - Vapour.mp3

These are two electronic/techno/ambient type songs, and I don't normally like those genres of music but I like these songs so much that I've been listening to them all day.

I had this song titled Vapor.mp3 on my hard drive for a while but I only listened to it once and forgot about it. Yesterday I finally tried to figure out who the artist was. Come to find out it's Jillian Ann who is an actress, artist, singer, songwriter, and model. Yep model, her website says she's modeled all over the world and appeared in many magazines as well. In other words she's a successful professional model.

I know it's a stereotype, but I don't usually expect models to be very bright or creative. I dated a model for a year (I'm not bragging, actually I'm sort of ashamed that I stayed with her for so long because it was a bad relationship) and she was one of the dumbest, spoiled and most self-centered girls I've ever met. Without her looks she would have been totally incapable of functioning in society. She fit the model stereotype well.

So normally when I find out an artist is a professional model I wouldn't even bother to check out their music, but in Vapour, Jillian Ann teaches me a lesson about stereotyping. Literally. The lyrics are "Don't judge my life until you've looked me in the eyes."

She does all these songs by herself. All the music and vocals and everything. Not bad for a 23 year old. She also gets extra credit for having 560 megabytes of mp3s at her website. Some are terrible electronic screeches, some are guitar or piano numbers and a great many have beautiful or haunting vocals.

This girl also gets extra points for having a link on her site to a page called "for models" with a link right below that called "for humans." One can only take that as a subtle judgement of models.

Oh yeah, for extra extra points, she was born in my home state of Tennessee.

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