retro encabulator redux

I have gotten an abnormal amount of traffic from google searches on the "retro encabulator" mentioned in this post, which is odd considering I am 36th in google results.

It's still a hilarious video (which I have nothing to do with and assume ebaumsworld should get all the credit for releasing it on the net) but the interesting thing is that I've been getting hits from rockwellcollins.com proxies so if there's anyone who works at Rockwell who knows anything about this video, please share the story. I think everyone knows that it's an old engineering joke by now but who made the video? Who is the news anchor looking guy who stars in it? Did Rockwell know it was being done or was it done on the side? More importantly, are there others like this? C'mon, someone knows the story. Cough it up.

You. Yes you, sitting there working for Rockwell. Instead of surfing the internet you could be contributing knowledge to the world. It's been an inspiration to me already for my need for preframulated amulite has been noted by my boss.

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