Riddick fight

I told you The Chronicles of Riddick was a pretty cool movie. It isn't one of the world's best 100 movies but it's a fun gratuitous asskicking movie and here's a video clip to prove it. (9.6 Meg .avi video)

The Setup: Riddick is on a planet that has been invaded by "Necromongers," the bad guys. They round up a bunch of the planet's inhabitants in order to convert them to Necrmongers. One guy steps up to plead their case. He tells them that all these people come from differet religions and cannot all suddenly decide to follow the Necromonger way, so the head bad guy takes his soul. Yep, he reaches into his chest and rips out a ghost type thing and throws it onto the ground and the guy dies. Seeing this, everyone else says "I, for one, welcome our new Nercomonger overlords" and bow down to join their enemy and save their souls.

The guy with the knife sticking out of his back is the baddest Necromonger around and he killed Riddick's friend so Riddick followed him to this conversion party. No one, including the audience, knows that Riddick is there until it shows him in this clip.

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