Shooting results

We've just gotten the results from Sunday's competition. I came in third place overall which pleases me quite a bit since it was my first shoot. The two people who beat me were both range officers and the one who came in first place was the person who was in charge of the entire thing, including the scoring. He's a really good shooter and the other RSO substituted for him when it was his turn to shoot so he didn't cheat or anything. I'm pretty happy to have only lost to them.

The targets were standard IDPA-CB combat targets:

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The lowest score wins. Anything in the center counts as zero, anything in that oblong octagon that surrounds the circle counts as +1 point and anything anywhere else on the target counts +3. I think a complete miss counts +5 but I didn't get any misses so I'm not entirely sure. They take your time and add whatever points necessary to it and that's your score.

Over the course of the day I had +13 points (four +3's, one +1) which is the same as the guy who came in first place. The guy who came in second had +29 but had a much better time, however after it was all scored I only lost second place by less than three points so if I had placed one shot more accurately I would have came in second. Of course if the guy who came in second had placed one shot more accurately I would have still been third. The person who came in fourth had +12 points but took a little more time. It's hard to balance speed and accuracy.

The competition isn't very important to me. I want to do well because I want to do well, not because I want to beat anyone, but it's interesting to analyze how I did against other people in order to identify aspects that I need to improve on.

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