To hell with Gentoo

How did they invent compilers without having a compiler to compile them?

I'm back on my backup Suse install because Gentoo sucks. I got Gentoo up and running and tried to update the system (the CD I installed from was a year old). Of course, they recommend you update portage itself before you use it to update everything else, so I enjoyed over two hours of patiently reading a book as portage updated itself. Two hours sounds like a log time when you're trying to get your computer to work, but that was only the halfway point. It was here that it died on the congif for some package. Why did it die, you ask? Because portage didn't update gcc right and the old gcc was deleted. It said somthing like this
Checking for gcc... YES
Checking whether gcc can build binaries... NO
Config error! GCC cannot build binaries!
Well, that sort of leaves a person without many options. You can't compile a new compiler without a compiler.

To hell with this. I've spent two days trying to get this to work. I'm installing Slackware tomorrow, maybe tonight if the download doesn't take too long. Ah, Slackware, forgive me for straying to ricer distros and bestow your blessing of simplicity and stability upon me once again.
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