tutu man

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ATHENS (AFP) -Olympics Games organisers ordered beefed-up security at all venues after an embarrassing breach involving a Canadian man who leapt into the pool during a synchronised diving event.

The order to step up security was launched after the 31-year-old, dressed in a tutu and clown shoes, mounted one of the boards and plunged into the water during the competition Monday evening.

He stayed in the pool for several minutes before officials at the Aquatic Centre realised he was not supposed to be there and pulled him out.
So how do these people get to be Olympic officials if it takes them several minutes to tell that this guy isn't a synchronised diver? Perchance, the absence of a simarily dressed companion on the diving board could have given it away, as might the tutu and web address written across his chest. All I'm saying is there seemed to be a few hints, ya know...

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