Cognitive Dissonance Will Win This Election

It has not only permeated our society as a whole but it's now being sold as a political platform. Ah the idealogy of the future...

You gotta love Bush, he struggles and strains to form a coherent sentence and manages not only to be off topic and barely understandable but he also comes off as a condescending jerk to boot. I guarantee that neoconservatives will be talking about how plain spoken and respectful he sounded tomorrow. It's ok if you like the guy but that's like saying you like playboy for the articles, it just ain't so.

"Let me just say something. Of course I know Osama Bin Laden attacked us! I know that!"

Gawd, what a twit.

I think what bugs me the most about Bush is those hard s's. Life is precioussss. Pressssident'ssss are ssssuperb. It's like that operator on Office Space, I just can't stand it anymore, that rasssssping echo in my head.

Kerry is mopping the floor with him, especially with that JFK-De Gaulle analogy and Bush's "Too many big words. I don't understand so I'll get wayyyyyy off topic" response, but I think enough people respond to Bush's hollow buzzwords and monontonously repeated one liners that it won't make much difference.

And thankfully, perhaps, for as much as I like to watch Bush make a fool of himself I still don't like Kerry. Of course, most of my dislike for him is for the fact that he's one of those big government liberals, but Bush has been the most out of control big government liberal we've seen this century so what does it really matter?

Do we want an intelligent, educated and well spoken big government liberal or do we want a dumb one? I think it would be best for the country if Kerry wins because a republican controlled congress working with a republican white house is only good at spending us into debt with worthless government programs. If we don't gridlock those sons of bitches we're all done for. Terrorists can be dealt with but the overall topology of government cannot. As a conservative/libertarian I don't want an expanding liberal nanny-state government and the liberal candidate seems the safer bet in this area. What a surreal country we live in.

I predicted six months ago that we'd see Kerry in November and civil war in December. When I said it, I had been remiss to notice that this coincided with the new fall season, and thus everyone will be too busy watching TV to take the country back. America, a victim of her own success. They say people get the government they deserve, but what have we ever done to deserve either of these twits. Was it Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Was it the slaughter of the Indians? What was it?

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