Date: Judgement Day +0

(Apolagies for the half-assed post earlier in which I didn't explain this very well. As you may or may be aware that I have perfected the science of time travel in my basement and thus I have been asked to bring information of a valuable sort from the future to our present day. This is a radio transcript from John Connor --of Terminator fame-- recorded on Judgement Day. Only his side of the conversation was recorded. There may be more transcripts coming, as the people of the future wanted this information posted on the internet so it will be handy when Judgement Day does happen.)


Hello, this is John Connor from Crystal Peak.

Roger I hear you.

No we're not under attack exactly. It's these machines, they're from a top secret military project. They built these things to fight battles, but the network they run on has become self aware and they're...

Yeah this network is what's attacking us. See they're going to launch our own nuclear weapons at Russia and the Russians are going to attack us back. It's Judgement Day. We have to stop this from happening.

That's affirmative.

Oh you're in touch with the military?

Ok good, see if they can go up the chain of command to the president, we have to stop him from launching nuclear weapons.

You have them on the line right now?


---5 minutes pass---

No, they're machines. You know, like robots. But their brains are in sort of an internet that is also infecting all of our networks and that's how they're going to.. ---unintelligible--- Judgement Day

He what?

No, not the Rapture. Judgement Day ---unintelligible--- robots launch these nukes.

Please repeat, over.

The president doesn't believe they're a threat? He has to mobilize the military and lock down our nukes immediately!

On the election trail?

For crying out loud he has to do something!

More worried about democrats that robots?

Roger that, but we gotta do something! For cryin' out loud tell him... tell him... I don't know... tell him the robots are democrats or something!

---3 minutes later---

He just ordered the launch of our full nuclear arsenal? ---unintelligible--- oh, shit... ---unintelligible---

Can you hear me?

Come in Montana Civil Defense... can you hear me?


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