I'm beginning to feel that some people just don't understand the world. This links to an anonymous post full of some of the most vile and ignorant bloodlust I've seen in, oh, a couple of days at least. The author just can't seem to wait to see some a-rabs get killed.
One day soon, our planes and missiles will begin turning your mosques, your madrasses, your hotels, your government offices, your hideouts, and your
neighborhoods into rubble.

And then our soldiers will enter your cities and begin the work of killing you, roaches, as you crawl from the debris.

As cowards, you will have your hands in the air and you will get on your knees begging for mercy. And we will instead give you justice. Your actions and your
words long ago placed you far from any considerations of mercy. You are not men.
We will burn your mosques.

We will invade the offices of pro-arab-muslim organizations, destroy them, and drag their officers outside.
We will transport arab-muslims to our deserts, where they can pray to scorpions under the blazing sun.
We will rid the world of your foul breath.
This is a problem so many Americans seem to have. Personally I feel that way about terrorists but I'm a lot cooler about it. Perhaps I don't have that much hate for them, I see it more as some business we have to attend to. It's dirty and bloody but there's no use getting all excited about it. It's enough for me to see the bastards just get slotted and forget them, I don't have the stomach for torture and don't feel it's appropriate.

The problem with so many people is that they feel too much hate over it, and it's almost always misdirected towards whoever doesn't seem to be as filled with hate as they are. Muslims, French, Germans or liberals, people hate them all because they think they're on the side of the terrorists when in fact their only sin is that they haven't fallen down the wrong side of the razor and allowed themselves to be ruled by that hate. And folks, I'll tell ya now, that ain't no sin.

A lot of front line soldiers are taught to hate the enemy in order to make it easier for them to kill. The problem is that they start thinking in rascist ways until one day they just get pissed off and shoot up a woman and her kids. Oh well, they say, they were just ragheads, who cares?

Now that attitude has seeped into society as a whole because people are scared and just don't know how to handle it.

Hey, terrorists are the enemy folks. They need killing. Focus on that and be cool about it or else you're going to fuck up like we're doing with Iraq. Talk of genocide and cold blooded mass murder are detrimental to our fight against terror and treasonous to everything you claim to be standing for. In no way shape or form are neighborhoods and hotels targets in the war against terror. If you can't be cool, move your ass to France or something and let the adults handle it, ok? Take some military science classes and get your shit in order and maybe we'll let you play, but until then get your whiny ass out of the way before you fuck something up and get people killed.

But back to the post that started my rant. The post itself is only half of the insanity. If you read down the thread at that site a person named Martin Kozloff takes credit for writing it after a lot of people gave a positive response.
"It's more than nice to know that my feelings are shared by so many other folks--most of whom have served their nation longer and better than I."
He goes on to tell that he wrote it because he feels alone and goes into a burning rage every time someone tries to "discredit our nation and weaken our morale" (yeah, that's the government's job)
"Even my dear wife has begun to suspect that 'Martin may be obsessing about this war and about combat.' Why, she actually insists that I NOT have a loaded .45 at the dinner table! [So, I just carry it concealed.]"
Well, I guess you can say one thing about him; he's prepared. There will be no terrorist acts in his kitchen, no doubt.

Later on, after being attacked by the dastardly liberals and defending it for a while, he finally backed off, saying that he posted the "faked position" in order to bring about discussion on how Americans are changing. It was all a parody for discussions sake, we are to believe.

It's good to know we have patriots like him who will gladly stand up and 'defend freedom' (though to defend freedom he would have to take up arms against our government), though I do question his worth in battle if he backs down so easily over a post on the internet about it.

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