Sad and Lonely

Today's sad song is Sad And Lonely, by Daughter Darling.
Check out her website and buy her album at amazon

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Daughter Darling - Sad And Lonely.mp3

Did they tell you I'd be boring?
Do you know where to order the next morning?
There is no guarantee
That when you wake up, you'll be able to breath

So Ill throw you moonbeams
Ill make you kick and scream
Oh then baby Ill make you smile
Then Ill make you bleed

Sad and lonely

Don't you look so sad
You know it cant be that bad
Just consider it to be
Another way you'll see me

Did you forget your place of ambition?
I've seemed to move you from your only position
You're so afraid of my reality cause it burns your eyes
Makes you sad and lonely

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