Yes I'm still alive

I've been real busy lately and when I had time for blogging I didn't feel like it. When I started this blog I envisioned it being a lot more substansive, with original commentary on politics and matters surrounding the war on terror, plus some other things, but it's all become too damn depressing to even think about.

In politics we have Bush, the low IQ buffon in charge of a low IQ country, and Kerry, the blue blooded professional politician who acts too much like a fucking politician to ever be worth a damn. There is no choice in November and no use harboring much interest in the matter, thus hardly any use in doing anything except joining the masses and satiating yourself with cheap entertainment and the luxuries of fools.

In the war on terror we have the same old shit. A horrible occupation of a foreign country which never did us any harm. If Sept 11th never happened and we had some sort of coherent plan, I might have supported the war. But now, while we're supposed to be fighting the war on terror, we're tied down with a totally unrelated a war against people who want us, the occupying army in a foreign land, out of their country. A true red-blooded American should have a romantic attachment to those fighting for their homes, but now all you hear is that we should turn the whole place into glass. Not that I support the Iraqis who are killing our boys, but Christ on a fucking stick, what the hell are we doing? We're fucking strafing the streets over there. The videos are available for download in near real time for the "patriots" to revel in the power of high explosives against the flesh of unarmed civilians. How has it come to this? How have we let these asshats in power do this to the sons of America?

You just want to forget about it but you can't. You open the newspaper with a morbid curiousity about what demented bastardly deed we have committed now. And then you have to listen to people who say we're over there "defending freedom", "protecting America" or what have you, and you feel angry for how the word "freedom" has been whored out to mean "killing people in another country who have not the motives nor the means to do anything to our freedom whilst politicians make assault after assault on it without relent." What an insult these people are to the very name of freedom.

It's not the war that's so bad, it's the damn logic. It's the stupid WWF watching sons of bitches who whoop and holler for every Iraqi who has their body rent asunder, who can hardly disguise their vile rascism for people who are on average probably much better folk than we, and who think murder by the state is the epitome of freedom. It wouldn't bother me if they said "Hell yeah I hate them fuckers and like to see them die." I'd think they're sick and stupid but at least they'd be honest. Instead they tell us that bombing a crowded city street in a foreign land represents freedom and is what makes America great. You sick fucks, don't drag the name of America through the bile and blood of your dirty war.

Freedom is freedom, pure and simple. Freedom is not having foreigners bomb your children. Freedom should in no way be associated with killing, for by killing a man you take away all the freedom he will ever possibly have. You take away a father, a son, a brother, a lover of someone, and freedom is an antonym for taking things away.

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