Cheney's lesbian daughter

If you read the news you probably already know the Cheney family is livid over Kerry's mention during the debate of their lesbian daughter. It seemed perfectly harmless to me and it seems odd that when Edwards and Cheney were debating, the mention got a warm thank you from Cheney. It seems equally odd that since Cheney talked about her during the republican convention and made her a part of the presidential campaign on his own that he would get so upset over a rather innocent comment from Kerry. Maybe he's upset because he put her on the front line and all she got was a nice comment. I also find it odd that when republican call her names the Cheney family never seem to mind. So who is really using the Cheney girl for political purposes?

But you know what's really funny about the whole thing? Cheney's wife wrote a book about a lesbian love story which was published in 1981. The book must have been extremely popular because there are only two for sale on Amazon, one for $500 and one for $800. The comments there are priceless. One blogger is even posting the book on the web.

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