Politics is dying

I just tuned in to the vice presidential debate. I've been listening for about 15 minutes and so far I've yet to hear a factual debate on anything of substance. It's nothing but lies. They're arguing over bullshit, folks.

I've been tuning is to CSPAN radio on XM and they've been playing the presidential debates between JFK and Nixon back in... what, I guess 1960 or so? These guys just went on and on with facts and figures, hardly ever offering criticism, but expanding further and further on their own plans for what seems like hours on end. I have this picture in my head of them whipping out charts and pie graphs and power point presentations and doing nothing but explaining their own platforms in depth. Then the other guy explain his own platform in depth and that's it! I was even impressed by Nixon. Nixon! He looked like Cicero compared to the twits running this year.

Today, all we get is: Kerry/Edwards: "Look, this guy's an asshole. He's done this this and this and it's not working and if I am elected I won't do that. Thanks for your time."

Bush/Cheney: "Look this guy's an asshole. He says this this and this and if you don't vote for us we can't continue these plans that are not working and you will be inviting terrorists to marry your daughter. You're welcome for my time."

Short attention span politics at it's worse. It's all about the other guy and it's all bad. These vermin will be the death of us all.

I go back to predicting Kerry in November, civil war in December.

And I remind you not to vote, it only encourages them.

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