presidential debate audio...?

Audio of the presidential debate is supposedly available for free at audible.com. Since I use Linux I am not in the crowd that audible deems worthy of catering to and so I can't download it because I can't run their proprietary software.

That sucks. Since they have kindly made the mp3 freely available they should just give a normal link to it instead of making you download their software which, from what I can tell, simply downloads the mp3 as a TiVo file then converts it.

So anyway, anyone who can get me an mp3 of the debate in entitled to one (1) special thanks from either myself or a reasonable facsimile of said self. If it is under 19 or so megabytes I will host it for a while.

CSPAN also has video of the debate, but again, since I use Linux I am hampered by the prejudices of people who only cater to the Micro$oft monopoly and can only watch it with the demonic Realplayer (still buffering...) without saving or editing it. I gotta write my congressman, I should get some money out of this.

(actually mplayer would rip the rtsp stream if I had the time to recompile it with the live.com library, but I don't so I'm forced to whine on the internet for being victimized by technical bigotry)

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