Sick stuff

The Center For Public Integrity has obtained a load of new documents concerning Abu Ghraib abuses. Some of the earlier abuses that came to light were nothing to get bent out of shape about such as making a prisoner think he's going to be electrocuted during questioning, and as a result people have defended what went on there, but the things in these documents are what really caused all the fuss with people who had access to this information at the time.

There are times when it's ok to get rough during questioning, but for the most part these things were not a part of questioning inmates. Instead, they were done by the guards for kicks. Just part of everyday life defending freedom. Most of these prisoners were only in jail for not having their papers in order anyway and were not people who had vital information or who were guilty of some terrible crime.

These are things such as urinating on inmates' heads, holding their head in the puddle of urine, just walking up to them and grabbing their head and slamming it against a concrete wall, constant beating and an alarming amount of sodomy and of that isn't enough there's even some homosexual child rape. I, for one, certainly do not understand what joy people could possibly get out of sodomizing helpless people with broomsticks and other objects. Rape is a sick, terrible thing, but I can at least understand how people would get something out of it.

I knew something strange was going on there the day the Iraqis first launched a concerted strike on the prison, but I never would have guessed it was something this sick.

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