Two more reasons to dislike Bush

I was thinking about abortions the other day. A church nearby has a sign that says 80 babies a week are killed by abortion and that seemed like a low figure because that's less than two per state per week. To be such a big issue I figured there were thousadns per week or something. I guess they were using old numbers.

Reason to dislike Bush if you're a conservative:
abortions on the rise under Bush
and if you're simply a human being:
AP Story
UNITED NATIONS - The United States has refused to join 85 other heads of state and government in signing a statement that endorsed a 10-year-old U.N. plan to ensure every woman's right to education, health care, and choice about having children.

President Bush's administration withheld its signature because the statement included a reference to "sexual rights."
Could this administration possibly be any more sexist and petty?

(Let me go on the record and state that I am 100% for women's sexual rights. Especially if I am involved with the exercise of those rights in some way. And if I may be of any assisstance in helping any women realize these rights, I pledge not shy away from my civic duty)

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