What to name Iraq...?

(with apolagies to an unnamed British comedian whom I am ripping off and paraphrasing-- his joke was about a politician in the UK and Australia)

In the summer of 2003, after Baghdad fell to U.S. forces, George Bush called the State Department and told them he wanted to rename it "the Kingdom of Iraq".

"Sir, I'm sorry. That just won't do because you're not king."

"Oh, yeah. Well, how about the Principality of Iraq?"

"Well, sir, you're not a prince either."

"Oh yeah that's right. Ok, how a about the Empire of Iraq?"

"Again, sir, you're not an emperor."

"Gal-darn, I want to call it something that reflects my own personality in some way."

"I know precisely what you mean, sir and I think the best name for it is a country."


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