Awww, man...

Not only did Bush win, but republicans won seats in the Senate as well. Just a couple of years ago this would have thrilled me because it probably would have meant a balanced budget, less obtrusive government, a strong military not bogged down by crazy missions, and a nice status quo in general all around. I was always a republican up until they started showing their true colors.

But this ain't your father's republican party. Now it means record deficits, a police state, record government spending and expansion, a military stretched to the breaking point over stupid uptopian missions, and what I assume will be four years of social upheaval due to the fact the republicans will have the power to load the Supreme Court and will try to ban gay marriage, amend the Constitution, overturn Roe vs Wade, and God knows what else that isn't the government's business.

I wasn't looking forward to Kerry winning, and I didn't vote for president because there was no doubt TN was going to go to Bush anyway, but Bush scares the shit out of me. I didn't like Kerry because of some views that I personally believe in but he would have been a lot better for the country so I set aside my own views and rooted for him for that reason.

Ideally, I would have liked to see either a Bush White House with a democratic Congress or a Kerry White House with a republican Congress because I don't trust any of them having that much power. Now the republicans control everything and, mark my words, for the next four years we're going to see things we never would have dreamed conservatives would do. We've given them a blank check and I guarantee they'll abuse it to an extent you can't imagine.

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