What is going on with religion?

By now, I'm sure everyone has heard that the Declaration of Independance has been banned in a California high school, right? Well, if you read the stories carefully, it appears that this teacher was handing out religious material which just happened to contain quotes from the Declaration of Independance. So it isn't a matter of the school not wanting kids to learn the Declaration of Independance, it's a matter of them not wanting the students to be given religious literature which contains selected quotes from the Declaration of Independance or any other place for that matter. It's a nonstory which has been overblown by the Alliance Defense Fund, a religious activist group working in concert with lawyers to spread the gospel.

A story a bit closer to home appeared in yerterday's Knoxville News Sentinel. (Sorry for not linking to it but I'm not going to register for their website) The story was about a pastor who put up a huge cross next to the interstate. The county found that it was against zoning laws and told him he could either take it down or move it to a differnt location on the same property. I assume the problem was that it was too close to the interstate because I've driven by this monster cross and it's really close.

According to his own words in the story, he decided to take it down in order to show good Christians what would happen if they stood by and let secularists have their way. In other words, he wanted people to get riled up thinking that he was forced to remove it by some wacky anit-religion "activist judge" when if fact all he had to do was move it a little bit for safety's sake. Pretty dishonest if you ask me.

I am not very religious and I hate to accuse a man of God but as I see it, he is guilty of blasphemy. He was using the cross for false political purposes, just as the teacher in California was using religion and the Declaration of Independance to influence people who had come to school to get an education, not a religious experience.

So what the hell is going on with religion? It seems that everywhere I turn people are creating these scenarios in order to gain sympathy when it's not warranted. Remember the guy who put the Ten Commandments in the courthouse. He knew that wasn't right but he did it just so someone would be forced to order him to take it down then he could whine about it.

As I see it, it is all blasphemy. Religion is a personal thing that people should be free to seek out, not have it thrust upon them. Yet every day we see these false accusations popping for the transparent goal of gaining attention. It's almost as if they're carrying out probes for a larger goal that will take place later on.

Some people are kind-hearted religious folks who just want to live a good life while some are fanatic fundamentalists who want to force their religion on others. In more violent cultures, this is done through terrorism and murder, while in others it is done through lies and political manuevering. Which ones do you think are the truly religious people and which are a bastardization of the belief? How do you tell true religion from false prophets? How do you know if God is speaking to you or if it's the devil in disguise?

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