The DHS is not so S

An audit of the Department of Homeland Security's system controls for remote access has found an alarming absence of configuration guidelines and several unpatched software products that put the DHS at risk of malicious hacker attacks.
Well, no duh. Remember about a year ago the DHS threatened to take over the IT security for large companies in the United States if they didn't do more to secure their computers. Ironically a week later the DHS got an F in computer security in a government test. Seems they still don't have a clue how to set up secure network boxen. And why should they? They're chartered to do pretty much the same thing that several new government beaurocracies are being created for, so as long as somebody's got it covered they're ok.

People who are willing to rely on the government to keep them safe are pretty much standing on Darwin's mat, pounding on the door, screaming, 'Take me, take me!' - Carl Jacobs, alt.sysadmin.recovery

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