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I thought maybe some semi-reputable person at NBC like Tom Brokaw had called Limbaugh an extremist during a newscast or something, but it turns out one guy who works at Saturday Night Live got pissed because a skit on the show depicted limbaugh "passed-out in vomit from drug abuse."

Of course a mudslinger like drudge doesn't pass up the chance to blame it on the darn liberal media. Notice how it's an "NBC depiction of limbaugh", as if it wasn't just a stupid joke on a comedy show but the entire network was making a statement. And you gotta love drudge's objectivity in the story, er, nonstory; "The crass montage which aired on NBC..." As opposed to the crass montage that is shown daily on drudgereport.com?

But this nonstory is funny on so many levels. First, limbaugh used to tow the conservative line by saying that anyone with a drug problem only had themselves to blame. There was no compassion or anything. I'm not very touchy feely whenb it comes to druggies myself, but I wouldn't go so far as to attack rehab programs like limbaugh. Of course, once his drug problem was exposed he became a victim and conservatives found a lot more understanding for him than they would anyone else.

Yet, if you read the story you'd note that the person who was upset with the skit wasn't mad because it was limbaugh, they were upset because they didn't like drug addiction being turned into a joke. In other words, they were upset for a reason that most any conservative would call "liberal".

But I say limbaugh had it coming. He makes a living belittling others. If you don't bend over backwards to be a yes-man to him, he'll just call you a stupid liberal and hang up and go into a rant when you can't say anything.

He's mocked the Abu-Gharaib abuses, he belittled John McCain's military service as well as Al Gore's when he himself avoided serving in Vietnam for the pathetic excuse of "anal cysts". He even mocked drug addicts at the very same time he was addicted to drugs. This is a guy who called 13 year old Chelsea Clinton 'the white house dog'. Pretty big man isn't he?

So somebody made fun of the fat prick, oh boo hoo. Poor wittle victim.

My opinion is that it's a damn satire show for cryin' out loud. I've been offended by SNL once or twice just like everyone else in the world, but it's just a stupid comedy show so who cares? Plus, he had it comin'.

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