It is rumored that Rumsfeld actually has people write his speeches for him! Troops hearing patriotic speech are set up...

That is, of course, a spoof of a drudge headline I dreamed up because a lot of Bush apologists such as drudge and rush limbaugh (who avoided serving in Vietnam because he had "anal cysts") are all up in arms because that guy from the 278th who asked rumsfeld why they weren't properly armored was apparently coached somewhat by a Chattanooga reporter. They are saying rumsfeld was "set up."

Whos side are these people on anyway? The troops or the politicians?

The answer is depressing. The politicians are the only properly armored Americans these days, protected by a vast shield of assholes who will deflect the stealthiest hint of political flak even if it originates from our own soldiers who are being ordered into battle with little more than a car door between them and the afterlife.

The cheers from the soldiers showed that they don't care where the question came from. Funny, the armor manufacturers say they're ready to fill orders if the military will just ask. Maybe we should send that reporter in to coach the Army procurers on how to ask for the fucking armor.

They dole out a billion dollars to halliburton like it's nothing and send troops in with vulnerable Humvees and, for a while, without body armor and if one dare ask why, theese assholes jump into action to deflect the bullet and proclaim the politician a victim. Forget those guys dying for lack of armor, we got an ambushed ivy-league politician here!!

I was against the war, but when we start talking about guys on the ground the politics go out the window. I got pissed off when people attacked Kerry for coming back from the war and speaking against it. They said he called the troops murderers, but if you read what he said all those years ago, it was clear that he was saying it was the fault of the politicians. He did tell stories of war atrocities, but he never once said the troops were to blame, it was the politicians for putting them in such a horrible position that resulted in shitty things happening.

That's how I feel about Iraq. Our troops are just trying their best to do their job, it's the politicians fault every time one of them makes a mistake and wipes out a family, it's their fault for putting them in this chaotic place where life and death situations happen too fast to make the proper decisions 100% of the time.

When it comes to politicians and soldiers, I'm on the side of the soldiers because they work in the most honest endeavour of all, life and death, while politicians spend the day sipping lattes and getting kickbacks while telling lie after lie.

People like drudge and rush limbaugh and other the apologists for the administration have only two modes, protect and attack. They protect anyone with an R next to their name and attack anyone who even so much as questions them, be they a democrat, a republican, or even a soldier.

I see through people like that and I hope you do too. In their world rumsfeld was "set up", he's a victim, and that soldier doesn't mean shit. These assholes don't give a damn about anything or anyone but their political masters. They are whores to these miserable bastards.

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